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Suburban Graffiti

Growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles, I never saw much of the city. Only when we drove by graffiti on the 10 freeway. Graffiti fascinated me. A mixture of art, communication, and bad-boy activity.

The illegal nature was especially intriguing given my overall good-boy upbringing. The closest I’d come to doing anything remotely illegal was holding onto an overdue library book when I was 11. A week past its due date, I fretted. Lost a lot of sleep calculating the fine and what it’d do to my good standing at the library.

If I had a chance to write graffiti here in the suburbs, I’d be sure to incorporate important messages in my art. Here’s a sampling:

  • On the walls of a Whole Foods store: “Trader Joe’s rules! You guys are paying 30% more! Suckas!
  • In the Marshall’s parking lot:  “Get some racks! I hate rummaging through shirts on the floor!”
  • In front of Costco: “Would it kill you to open until 9pm?”
  • In the Starbucks bathroom: “The music is too damn loud and too damn folksy!”
  • At the local Boy Scouts office:  “Hey B*tches! Girl Scouts 4 eva!”

Sometimes to make your point, you gotta use unconventional means.

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